James Jessup

Hello, and welcome to James Jessup’s website.

The contents of this site are diverse, because that’s James’ nature. James likes variety, and delves deeply into many waters. It exists for several reasons;

James needs a place to share and document. He tends to be active, and while he loves to DO things, he also takes comfort in remembering the things he has done in the past, while planning the activities of the future.

There are people who want to learn more about James. This site allows an audience to determine for themselves the kind of person James is.

There are people who do the same things James does, and want to learn about how other people did them. The blogs attached document several projects and activities.

By James, about James:

“I am large. I contain multitudes” –Walt Whitman

I really enjoy staying active. I make plans, enact them, enjoy them, and then make more plans. I stay busy with adventures. Some of these are adventures with data, which I view as voyages of discovery. I talk with my hands and make expansive gestures. I tend to be nerd-ish, yet I enjoy social activities and work well with other people. I enjoy wit and a well-placed pun. I find beauty in a crafted spreadsheet. There are stories in the world that long to be told. Some are found in data sets. Others are lurking in jungles, deserts, rivers and parking-lots, waiting to be discovered.

I am on a never-ending mission to improve the human condition. I have a plan for doing this, starting with exemplifying what can be done with a life thoroughly lived. I’m thrilled to have excellent companionship on my journey.

Professionally, James has made his career mostly through data analysis, with branches from that. He has a background in Entertainment, Teaching and Restaurant Operations and Management.


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