Pumpkins, November 1st

My sister was a very empathetic girl. She felt so sad about the pumpkins being thrown out after Halloween, that we told her this story, about the Magical Big Green Truck. The Big Green Truck took all the pumpkins to the Pumpkin Party, so after Halloween was done, then all the pumpkins got to play with each other, rather than just having to sit on the porch. With that in mind, I offer the following:

Late in the year when the air turns cool
The kids have all gone back to school
The farm’s asleep in autumn dew
The Pumpkin King goes dancing

Where he comes from no one knows
All summer he sits and sits and grows
Until he’s done; then away he goes!
To call his friends to duty

“Wake up you silly lazy gourds!”
He calls them forth, the pumpkin horde
And piles them all in a beat-up Ford
To go for a little ride

They come in two’s and three’s and four’s
And sit there quietly at your doors
Then sit and sit and sit some more
Waiting for the kids

Then according to time and place
They metamorphose at a furious pace
Gaining a grimly grinning face
For the Hallow’s promenade

But what do they do when the day is done?
They get kind of saggy and wilt in the sun?
Where do they go to have some fun?
They go for a ride again

Before their saggy bottoms are stuck
When it seems like they are void of luck
He calls them forth on the big green truck!
To ride to the Pumpkin party!

As they dance at the pumpkin dancing grounds
Their saggy shapes turn firm and round
They sing with gourdy pumpkin sounds
The Pumpkin Party dance!

Then one by one they quietly creep
Back to the fields, to silently sleep
While winter snows bundle them soft and deep
To wait for the Pumpkin King’s call.

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