Dear Oakley Sunglasses…

Dear Oakley Sunglasses,
When I first bought my first pair of “nice” sunglasses, I knew I wanted Oakleys. Your products were advertised as withstanding abuse, and I loved my1990s Frogskins. Your excellent customer service earned my business ever since. My glasses got progressively more expensive, but I could justify it because of the excellent reputation and service.
Until these X-Metal XXs. I purchased these, and resolved to take excellent care of them. If they weren’t on my head, they were in a protected case, and to this day, the lenses are flawless. Eventually, the silly gaskets inside the frames popped out, and when I asked to have them put back in, I was informed that I could pay $65 to have them “serviced”. I grumbled, and since they didn’t need much work, I negotiated a discounted rate. Barely a year later, I open the case to pull them out and discover that the bolt holding the frame together has disappeared. When I call to order a replacement, I’m told that since the frame is discontinued, Oakley can’t just mail me a bolt, but if I want to pay $65 to have them “serviced, they would put a new one in. Sixty-five dollars for a bolt? Oakley, you can go “service” yourself!! I’m off to go buy some Ray Ban or Gargoyle shades. They don’t require nearly as frequent servicing as your delicate optics, and this might prove more suited t my lifestyle. I loved your products, but I miss your customer service focus even more.

Disgruntled and disillusioned,


P.S. I’ve put this on my social media outlets, to educate and influence my comrades. In fairness, I will also post any response you choose to make.

Three days later:
I just got a phone call from Juan at Oakley Customer service. He reviewed my comments and my records, and Oakley has graciously offered to send me the screw. They have cautioned against over-tightening and I have accepted any liability for damage to the frames. Most importantly, they handled my complaint graciously and courteously. I wish I had not needed to resort to extra-special measures to be heard, but ultimately, my glasses (which I love) will be restored, along with my faith in Oakley’s care for their customers. I guess I just needed to show them how much my Oakleys meant to me. Which is good, because I looked around for a pair of new shades, and the only things that I really liked were Frogskins. Thank you, Juan, and Oakley!

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